Maltsev Nikolay Petrovich 

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
Born in the village of Bogoyavlensky in the Velsky district of the Vologda province into a family of rural teachers. In 1925  the family moved to Velsk, where the boy graduated from a seven-year agricultural technical school and began working as a field farmer at the state farm. 
In 1932  Maltsev was assigned to study at the Leningrad Institute for the Mechanization of Socialist Agriculture, in which he studied until 1935, and then transferred to the newly created Hydrographic Institute. During the period of student practice, he worked as a hydrograph technician on the hydrographic vessel "Lomonosov", an icebreaking ship "Malygin". Upon graduation from the institute in 1938, the engineer-hydrograph Maltsev entered   the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, worked until October 1941 as a senior hydrograph on the hydrographic vessel Papanin, deputy head of the hydrotroop on Novaya Zemlya. He spent the entire war in the Baltic fleet, commanded a fire platoon, command and control and reconnaissance platoons. Having been seriously wounded, Maltsev became disabled, fell ill with tuberculosis and, due to his health, could no longer go to the Arctic for field work. 
After demobilization, Maltsev began work as a senior laboratory assistant at the department of geodesy at the Higher Arctic Maritime School, then supervised the training and production practices of the cadets. From 1950 he moved to the Bureau of Hydrographic Studies (BHS) of the  Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, which he headed until 1953, then, due to deteriorating health, he moved to the position of senior hydrograph of BHI. In all the posts Maltsev was distinguished by exceptional conscientiousness, accuracy, and creative initiative. His military and labor affairs were awarded the Order of the Red Star, medals "For the Defense of Leningrad", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.", "For Labor Valor". 
Died in Leningrad, buried in the Northern cemetery. 
Cape and the Strait in the Taimyr Bay. Named by hydrographs in 1966.


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