Meinicke Carl Edward

(31.08.1803 - 26.08.1876)


German geographer.

Born in Brandenburg on the Havel.

From 1825 he worked at the gymnasium in Prenzlau, first as a teacher, and from 1852 as a director.

Meinicke was one of the greatest experts on the Polynesian archipelago. He published a number of books on Australian-Asian topics: “The History of European Colonies in the West Indies”, “Contribution to the Ethnography of Asia”, “Mainland Australia” 2 volumes, “Peoples and Christianity of the Southern Seas”, “Pacific Islands”, 2 volumes other.

Since 1869, retired. He died in Dresden.

Islet south of the island of Edge, Svalbard. The coordinates are 77° 10'N    21° 30'E.



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