May  William 

English naval officer, fleet admiral. 
He began his service in the navy in 1863. In 1875–1876  on the ship “Alert” participated in the Arctic expedition under the command of J. Ners, for which he was awarded a commemorative medal. 
In 1881  May, in the rank of Captain 3rd Rank, commanded a ship in Chinese waters and was authorized by the Admiralty to annex  Christmas Island. 
In 1891–1893 he served as military attache in Europe, commanded a naval contingent during anniversary celebrations in London in 1897, and in 1899 supervised the reception of the German emperor during his visit to England, for which he was awarded the German Order of the Red Eagle, 2 degrees. In subsequent years, May held various command positions: he was commander of naval artillery, adjutant of Queen Victoria and the king, Lord of the Admiralty, inspector of the navy, commander of the Atlantic fleet, etc.


"Alert" in pack ice

He retired in 1919 and died  at his home, Bughtrig House in Coldstream in Berwickshire. Among his numerous awards are the Order of the Legion of Honor and the Russian Order of Alexander Nevsky. 
An island in the Strait of Bruyne archipelago Franz-Josef Land. In 1880 opened and named by the expedition of  B. Lee-Smith.

Cape in the east of Axel-Heiberg Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Cape on Wolfe Land, northwest of Greenland.

The bay in the north of Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.


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