Mill Hugh Robert 

Scottish geographer and meteorologist.

Born in Thurso , graduated from Edinburgh University in 1883. In 1884 he worked as a chemist and physicist at the Scottish Marine Station 
He taught physical geography at a college in Edinburgh, was a member of the Scottish Geographical Society. Conducted geological studies of the oceans.

In 1892, Mill was appointed librarian of the Royal Geographical Society in London. During 1902-1906 He was the honorary secretary of the Royal Meteorological Society, and in 1907 became its president.

In 1924 he introduced the concept of "continental shelf".

Most of Mill's life was plagued by illness and illness; he compensated for this with a greedy bias for reading, which helped him become an expert in many geographical sciences. Mill singled out the main thing in his own scientific interests: “Studying the role of water in the world economy: under the influence of solar heat and earth gravity, moisture evaporates from the sea surface and is transferred to land, it supports all forms of life and provides people with hydroelectric energy, this one inexhaustible pantry energy. 
Despite the fact that the study of water was the main purpose of his scientific research, Mill himself said that there were other interests in his life. He never participated in polar expeditions, but polar research became one of his specialties. His works on this subject, including the biographies of famous polar explorers, are not just an exact statement of events, they are literary works. Among them are the “Siege of the South Pole” and “The Life of Ernst Shackleton”. The study of water as part of the "kingdom of nature" fascinated him back in 1891, but became the main interest among his interests when in 1900 he was appointed co-director, and the following year - director of the British organization for the study of precipitation. Here, under his leadership, maps of precipitation in the UK were compiled, based on averaging fifty-year data. Only the approach of blindness made Milla leave her post in 1919.

Mill was a friend and confidant of R. Scott, Shackleton and William Spears of Bruce, who led the Scottish National Antarctic Expedition of 1902-1904. 
Cape in the southwest of Jackson Island in the archipelago Franz-Josef Land.  Named in 1895 by  F. Jackson.


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