Milne David

(May 1763 - 05.05.1845)

Scottish admiral.

Born in Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland, in the family of Susan Wernor and David Milne, an Edinburgh merchant.

He began service in the royal navy as a midshipman. During the years 1779-1783 he served in the West Indies, participated in the fighting in the Caribbean during the American Revolutionary War, in the lifting of the French and Spanish blockade of Gibraltar in 1782. From 1783 to 1793  Milne served in the East Indies.

In June 1795  having received the rank of commander, he defeated the French division from Puerto Rico, and in 1796 took part in the seizure of the Dutch colonies of Demerare, Essequibo and Burbitz, becoming the British governor of the Netherlands Guiana. He continued to fight against the French in Santo Domingo from 1797 to 1799, losing his ship Pique, but seizing the French frigate Seine in a battle on June 30, 1798, and in 1800 seized the French frigate La Vengeance off the coast of Africa .

June 14, 1814 he was awarded the rank of Rear Admiral.

In 1816  Milne served as the second fleet commander sent for the bombing of Algeria. His actions were marked by the commander's cross of the Order of Wilhelm.

In May 1816 he was appointed commander of the North American military station located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In 1818  Milne was introduced to the Knights of the Neapolitan Order of St. Januarius, in 1819 he returned to the United Kingdom. In 1820, for some time he was a member of parliament for Berwick-upon-Tweed.

In 1825  he became vice-admiral. In the 1830s, Vice Admiral Sir David Milne was on the list at 10 York Place in Edinburgh.


Milne House in Edinburgh


In 1842  Milne was appointed commander in chief at Plymouth. He died at sea during his return to Scotland from Plymouth after more than 60 years of service in the Royal Navy. He was buried with his first wife in the cemetery in Invereres.

An island (Milne Land) in the bay of Scoresby on the east coast of Greenland. Named by captain William Scoresby.


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