Minin Fedor Alekseevich 

Navigator, participant, and then head of the Ob-Yenisei detachment of the Great Northern Expedition. 
Born in Moscow in the family of the solicitor of one of the monasteries. In 1726 he was taken from the Naval Academy as navigator students. He served in the Caspian Sea, in Kronstadt, rose to the navigator. 
In January 1736 Minin was assigned to Great Northern Expedition
  on the Tobol dubbing-boat under the command of Lieutenant D.L. Ovtsyn and participated in an attempt to leave the Ob Bay in the Kara Sea. In 1737 under his own command, he sailed on the Ob-Postman boat. In 1738  after the arrest and demotion of Ovtsyn, Minin became the head of the Ob-Yenisei detachment. In 1738–1740 he tried to go around Taimyr three times, coming out of the mouth of the Yenisei, but reached only the point 75° 15'; opened a group of small islands beyond the mouth of the Pyasina River. Minin was going to continue to try in the future, but by 1742 this need was no longer necessary. The section of the coast between Khatanga and the Yenisei that was not filmed was described by Kh.P. Laptev and S.I. Chelyuskin. 
Upon his return  after a multi-year investigation into the complaints of his subordinates, primarily navigator D.V. Sterlegov, and local residents, who accused him of drunkenness, cruelty, blasphemy and arbitrariness, in 1749 Minin was tried and demoted for 2 years as sailors. Now it is difficult to judge who is right and who is wrong. The results of the work of the Minin squad say that he was an extraordinary man and an excellent specialist who made a significant contribution to the study of the Arctic. 
Skerries is a large group of small islands off the north-west coast of Taimyr. In 1900  he named E.V. Toll. In 1933–1935 the bay, the bay, the peninsula and the mountain are also called here. 
Islands (Mininskiye) at the mouth of the Yenisei. First described in detail and more accurately mapped in 1921 by a separate Ob-Yenisei detachment under the leadership of K.K. Neupokoev. 
Cape on the Mammoth Peninsula in Gydan Bay. The name is given by A.I. Vilkitsky in 1894. He took it to the northern tip of Oleniy Island, which he considered to be part of the mainland. In the 1920s due to the incorrect longitude of the old maps, the name moved to the Mammoth Peninsula. 
Cape on the island of Taimyr. Named in 1878 by N.A. - E. Nordenskiöld. 
Strait between deer islands and the mainland. 
Called by hydrographs in the 1920s.


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