Mozhaysky Fedor Timofeevich

(1796 - after 1863)

Russian admiral. His son was Alexander Mozhaisky - the inventor of the first aircraft.

Born into the family of a full state councilor, the chief procurator of the Senate Timofey Ivanovich Mozhaisky (1760–1805).

In 1807 he entered the Naval Cadet Corps, in 1812 he was promoted to midshipman.

In 1815 he was released from the corps with the rank of midshipman, and the following year he sailed on the ship "Three Hierarchs" before Revel. In the years 1817-1818 made the transition on the ship "Lübeck" to Cadiz and returned back to the Spanish transport.

Until 1831 his service took place in the Baltic Sea. In 1820 he was promoted to lieutenant, and in 1823 he was appointed Assistant Pilot Captain in the Port off Rochensalm in Finland.

During the years 1824-1830  Mozhaisky, commanding the Qymen 'dialect and the Eol boat, taught pilots to sail in Finnish skerries.

In 1831 he was promoted to captain-lieutenant and appointed captain over the port of Arkhangelsk, fulfilling this position until 1848. At the same time in 1833 and 1835  he commanded the 8-gun schooner number 2, which stood the fire watch in Lapominskaya harbor. One of his predecessors in this position in the years 1828-1830  was V.A.Krotov.

In 1838 and 1841 Mozhaisky was promoted to captain of rank 2 and rank 1, respectively.

In 1848 he was appointed senior aide to the duty general of the Main Naval Staff, at the end of the same year - captain of the Rowing port and in 1850 promoted to major general.

His last position was the captain of the port of Sveaborg, which he occupied in 1855, and the following year he was renamed Rear Admiral.

In 1858 Mozhaisky was promoted to vice-admiral with the simultaneous appointment of the head of the marine unit in Finland. In 1860 he was enrolled in the reserve, and in 1863 he was made admiral with the resignation.

Mozhaisky’s many years of immaculate naval service was awarded the orders of St. Stanislav 2 and 3 degrees, St. Anne 2 and 3 degrees, St. Vladimir 3 and 4 degrees.

Cape on the east coast of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya between the capes of Ershov and Hesse. Named in 1833 by P.K. Pakhtusov, who served with Mozhaisky on the ship "Three Hierarchs".


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