Müller Johann Wilhelm von

(04.03.1824 – 24.10.1866)

German ornithologist and explorer.

Born in Kochersteinsfeld.

In 1845 he visited Morocco and Algeria, in 1847 he began a great African journey, in which Alfred Brem was his secretary and assistant. In 1849, they broke up in Egyptian Alexandria. Muller returned to Germany. He planned to go back to Africa and reunite with his colleague, but financial difficulties prevented this plan.

From the autumn of 1849 he published the ornithological journal Naumannia. Its editor was Baldamus. Muller also worked on the illustrated book “Contribution to the ornithology of Africa” (five parts were published).

He died in Kochersteinsfeld.

Mountain in the southwest of the island of Edge, Svalbard. The coordinates are 77° 30'N   21° 30'E.


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