Neelov Alexander Ivanovich 

Russian hydrograph. 
Born in Petersburg. After graduating from the Naval Cadet Corps, he served on the ships of the Baltic Fleet, participated in hydrographic work on the Ladoga and Onega lakes. 
In 1896  Neelov graduated from the hydrographic department of the Maritime Academy and was sent to the Far East, where he served on the battleship "Petropavlovsk" and the cruiser "Vladimir Monomakh". In 1899  in the position of Assistant Chief of the Hydrographic Expedition, headed by M.Ye.Zhdanko, he participated in the hydrographic work on the Yellow Sea. Unexpectedly getting sick, Neyelov was unable to perform naval service for several years. In 1900 he was appointed junior assistant commander of the port of Vladivostok. Only in 1907  in the rank of lieutenant colonel for the Admiralty, did he return to the post of deputy head of the Hydrographic Expedition, at the head of which Zhdanko still stood. During 1907–1911  Neelov surveyed the Sea of Okhotsk. 
In 1912  Neyelov headed an expedition, whose task was to “find the deepest and most convenient way out to the sea at the Lena estuary, examine it and, if possible, arrange the entrance from the sea to the river with guide leading signs”. In June  the steamer "Lena"  went from Yakutsk to the Bykov cape and in a month produced the first navigation and hydrographic information about the entrance to Lena from the sea. According to Neelov, the Bykovskaya channel had the best conditions for navigation. Upon his return, he was promoted to colonel and appointed a member of the commission for the review of Finnish skerries. 
On June 5, 1918, Neelov was appointed Director of the Hydrographic and Navigational Affairs of the Department for the Safety of Navigation in the Caspian Sea. On October 9  he filed with E.L. Bialokoz report: “I donate to you, Citizen, that my state of health has deteriorated so much with the participants: fever and insomnia, that I will not be able to attend the service for several days. In the performance of my duties in Ubeko Caspian, I think I can handle it, because being in communication by phone ... .. I am always aware of the circumstances of service and I have the full opportunity to fulfill all service requirements .... ".
The reaction of Bialokoz was "Order of the disease at the apartment". 
22 days after this report on October 31  Neelov passed away. 
Bay in the east of the Lena Delta. First described in 1739 by navigator M.Ya. Sherbinin. In different periods  had different names. Modern given by F.A. 
Mathisen in 1920.


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