Negri Christopher

(13.06.1809  18.02.1896)

Italian geographer, economist and diplomat.

Born in Milan. Education received in Pavia, Graz, Prague and Vienna. He was a professor of political science and constitutional law at the university Padua.

In 1848 he took part in the revolutionary movement against Austria and carried students along. After the victory, the Austrians fled to Piedmont, became a professor and rector of the university, and then foreign minister in the office of Joberty; then held various diplomatic posts.

In 1867  Negri became one of the founders of the Italian Geographical Society and was its president until 1872. From 1874 to 1875 served as Consul General of Italy in Hamburg.

After retirement, Negri continued to represent his country at various events: participated in 1876 in a conference organized by the Belgian king Leopold  II concerning the establishment of the African  international  associations in the construction conference of Panama  channel in berlin  the conference of 1884-1885, during which the European colonial powers agreed on the partition of Africa.

In 1880  Negri again headed the Geographical Society. He approved the plan of the researcher Giacomo Bove to go around Antarctica, which, however, was not implemented due to lack of funds.

In 1890 he was appointed senator.

Died in Florence.

Mountain on the island of Taimyr of the Nordensheld archipelago in the Kara Sea. Named by the hydrograph of the Nordensheld expedition on the "Vega" D. Bove.

A glacier on the west bank of the Sturfjord in the north-east of Sabina Land and north-west of Ulaf V Land, West Spitsbergen Island. The coordinates are 78° 30'N   19° 00'E.

Strait between the islands of McClintock and Gall in the archipelago of Franz-Josef Land. Opened and named in 1874 by Yu. Payer.


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