Zeberg Friedrich Georgievich 

Physics teacher, astronomer and magnetologist, polar explorer. 
Born in St. Petersburg in the family of a pastor, he studied at the best German high school in the capital, completed his secondary education in Mitau (Jelgava). After graduating from the University of Dorpat, he became a physics teacher at the Reformed school in St. Petersburg. 
On the recommendation of the director of the Pulkovo Observatory academician O.A. Backlund and Prof. Yuryevsky University G.V. Levitsky Zeberg was included in the Russian Polar expedition E.V. Toll. The desire to participate in this expedition was so great that he offered his services even as a fireman. On the expedition, Zeberg led astronomical observations. During the first wintering off the coast of Taimyr, he made a long geological excursion with Toll, proving himself to be a very reliable companion. 
Apparently, this was precisely the reason for his choice of Toll to participate in his last most dangerous campaign.

In 1902, together with Tolle and two industrialists, Zeberg set off from the place where the vessel Nerpichye Bay was hibernating on the west bank of Kotel'niy Island in the sleigh route in order to achieve and survey  Bennett Island and the search for Sannikov Land.



Zeberg works in the dawn cabin

(photo from funds of the Russian Academy of Sciences f.14 op.2 case 517)

The group did not return for the trip. Search and rescue work undertaken in 1903, allowed only to find out what travelers reached Bennett Island, carried out geological, zoological, botanical studies there, collecting numerous collections, and in the late autumn on a polar night set out on canoes to the south. Most likely, they died while moving through the Great Siberian wormwood. 
Bay in the Taimyr Gulf. Called by E.V. Toll in 1901. 
The river flowing into the Zeberg Bay and the mountain. Named by topographer N.N. Kolchin in 1940. 
Plateau and river in the central part of the island Kotelny, Novosibirsk Islands archipelago.


Zeberg outlet glacier. Away De Long Mountain

(photo by E.A. Gusev)


Glacier on Bennett Island. Named in 1903 RPE.


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