Zvezdin Alexey Ivanovich 

Topographer of the Arctic Institute. 
He was born in the city of Morshansk of the Tambov Region (for some reason, the Voronezh region is indicated in the personal card of the personnel department of the Arctic Research Institute). After school, Zvezdin entered the Penza Land Management Technical School, after graduating from which he worked at the Middle Volga Land Management Department in Kuibyshev.  In 1932, he received a diploma from Higher Courses in Aerial Photography in Moscow, served a year in the Red Army and went to work at AAI as head of the bureau. Zvezdin conducted a large public work, at the I Congress of the Union of Workers of the Northern Sea Route he was elected a member of the Revision Commission of the Central Committee of the Union, in 1939 - a deputy of the Kuybyshev District Council of Leningrad. In the opinion of colleagues, Zvezdin was a prominent and respected person at the institute, handsome both externally and internally. 
Before the war, Zvezdin headed the post-graduate school of the Institute, while at the same time studying it, but did not manage to defend his thesis. She was appointed to March 1942, and in July 1941 he volunteered for the front.



Memorial plaque in the building of VNIIOkeangeologiya



A plaque on the building of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute


On October 21, 1941, a military topographer of the 1st rank Zvezdin was wounded at Peterhof. After treatment, he returned to the front line, the press of the Leningrad Front repeatedly wrote about his front-line affairs. Zvezdin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, World War I and II degrees, medals "For Courage", "For Military Merit". 
On March 18, on the Karelian Isthmus, the life of the Chief of Staff 204 of the SP 10 rifle division 3 of the army of Major Zvezdin was cut off by a sniper's bullet. Posthumously he was awarded by Order of the Red Star. 
He was buried in the town of Agalatovo, Vsevolozhsk District, Leningrad Region. 
The name of Zvezdin is immortalized in St. Petersburg on a memorial plaque on the building of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Bering Street, 38, as well as a memorial plaque in the building of VNIIOkeangeologiya (former NIIGA, assignee of the Mountain Geological Directorate of the Central Marine Route).River Moika, 120. 
Mountain in the north-west of the island Bolshevik of the archipelago Severnaya Zemlya. In 1940, Named by the topographer A.A. Pyazenok.



PS. On May 8, 2020, I received a letter from Alexei Igorevich Zvezdin, the great-grandson of Alexei Ivanovich. He said that by the Victory Day of 2019, the name of Alexei Ivanovich was listed on the list of soldiers on the right side of the war memorial in the village of Agalatovo.





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