Bergman Torburn Ulaf

(20.03.1735 - 08.07.1784)


Swedish chemist and mineralogist.

Born in Katharinberg in the family of the royal bailiff Barthold Bergman and his wife Sarah Hagg.

Bergman received a traditional early education in classic subjects in Skara, and also received a personal natural history training from Sven Hof, a teacher at the gymnasium.

In 1752 he entered Uppsala University and graduated in 1756 after studying mathematics, philosophy, physics and astronomy. In 1758, Bergman received his doctorate, having defended his thesis entitled “Interpolation Astronomy”, published in the journal “Attractive Universal”, and became a teacher of physics and mathematics at the university.

In 1761 he was appointed adjunct professor of mathematics, and from 1767 he became a professor of chemistry and mineralogy, having worked in this position until the end of his life.

In 1764 Bergman was elected a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Died in Medevi.

Mountain on the south coast of Van Miyenfjord, Nathorsta Land, West Spitsbergen Island. The coordinates are 77° 42'N   15° 22'E.

Bay on the south coast of Van Miyenfjord, Nathorst Land, West Spitsbergen Island.


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