Baldwin Evelyn Briggs

American meteorologist and arctic explorer.
Born in Springfield, Missouri.
He graduated from Northwestern College, in 1892 became a member of the United States Met Office.
As a meteorologist in 1893-1894, Baldwin accompanied R.Peary's expedition to North Greenland. In the years 1898–99, he was Deputy W. Wellman on an expedition to Franz Josef Land. Baldwin embarked on a sleigh trip from the expedition base located on the island of Gall, to the eastern part of the archipelago, where he discovered     Graham Bell Island. In the years 1901-1902, he led the American-Norwegian expedition to Franz Josef Land on the ship America, equipped with funds from the American millionaire W. Ziegler. In the course of this expedition an attempt was made to reach the pole on floating ice. Despite the rich equipment, the expedition had no success in achieving its goal.

After wintering on the island of Alger, several sled trips were carried out with the aim of arranging food depots on the northern islands of the archipelago.


Remains of Baldwin wintering on Alger Island

(photo from


There was no continuation of action, in the summer the expedition returned to America. This expedition, which cost about a million dollars, yielded very little scientific results. The reason for the failure is due to weak leadership and discord between the American and Norwegian participants.

During 1918-1933, he occupied important posts in the American government.
He died in Washington as a result of hitting the car. He was buried in Oswego Cemetery, Oswego, New York.
Cape in the south of the island of Payer archipelago Franz Josef Land. In the years 1903-1905, the American expedition A. Fiala was so named the north-western cape of the island of Greeley, while the southern cape was without a name. On subsequent editions of the card the name was moved.
Cape in the northwest of Prince-Wales Island in the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

The river in the east is about the river Melville in the Canadian Arctic archipelago.


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