Falier Clement Armand

(06.11.1841– 22.06.1931)


French statesman, president of France (Third Republic, 1906-1913).

Born in Mezine, Department of Law and Garonne.

He was of humble origin: Falier’s grandfather was a blacksmith, his father was a surveyor and bailiff. In politics, from the 1870s, in 1883, he was briefly Prime Minister, then held various ministerial posts for 16 years.

In 1899, after Emil Loubet was elected president of the republic, he replaced him as chairman of the Senate, and in 1906 he became the successor of Loubet as president of the country, having won the election of Paul Doumer.

Actively participating in the strengthening of the Entente, Falier was at the same time opposed to the war with Germany. He officially met the Russian Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich in Cherbourg in 1909. Resigning from his post in 1913 (after the expiration of a seven-year term, he did not run for the next), he said, referring to the rigidly anti-German position of his successor Raymond Poincare: "I give way to war". Indeed, the First World War began in 1914.

Falier was an active opponent of the death penalty and pardoned many defendants sentenced to death as president.

Died in Lannes, Department of Law and Garonne, buried in Mezin cemetery.

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