Felder Caetan

 (19.09.1814 30.11.1894)


Austrian lawyer and liberal politician, entomologist.

Born in Vienna.

Felder was a lawyer and assistant professor of international law and statistics at the University of Vienna. From August to October 1848 he was a member of the Vienna Duma.

After Field Marshal Windischgrets suppressed a popular uprising in Vienna, Felder made great trips around Europe and Asia, where he gathered significant natural historical collections. His collections of beetles and butterflies form the basis of the collection at the Tring Museum in England.Peru Felder owns several works on natural science.

In 1861 he was elected to the Lower Austrian Landtag and to the Vienna Duma, followed by the vice-burgomaster, and in 1868 - the burgomaster of Vienna. When it built the first water supply system in Vienna, the flow of the Danube was settled, the network of cones was significantly expanded, schooling improved, the Vienna Central Cemetery and others were created.

In 1878, Felder resigned from his position as burgomaster and until 1884 was the Lower Austrian Land Marshal (President of the Landtag by appointment).From 1869 he was a member of the Austrian Reichsrat Chamber of Commerce.

His son Rudolph also became a famous entomologist.

He died in Vienna.

Cape in the west  Carl Alexander Island in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Opened and named in 1874 by Yu. Payer.


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