Fomenko Daniil Stepanovich

Arctic magnetologist. Born in the village of Nizhnyaya Syrovatka, Sumy County, Kharkov Province, in a peasant family. By 11 years he graduated from the three classes of the Zemstvo school, but then, despite the desire and abilities, he had to stop his studies in order to help his father with the housework. The ensuing wars, revolution, death of the mother finally shattered their poor economy. Fomenko did not even have the opportunity to pass exams for the fourth grade, although he was ready for this thanks to self-education. A new marriage of a father to a young woman with two children led to frequent quarrels with her son, who stood up for his siblings.
The chairman of the county committee was assisted by a Bolshevik Popov, who, having learned about the guy’s abilities and the reasons for family quarrels, gave him a job placement in the Sumy county committee of the poor. Then Fomenko graduated from the courses of liquidators of illiteracy in Kharkov and was assigned to the workers' faculty of the Kharkov Agricultural Institute. After his successful graduation from the board of workers' faculty of the capable young man, he was seconded to the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Kharkov University, which he graduated in 1929.
Before Fomenko opened a wide field for scientific work, to which he had a clear inclination. Becoming a graduate student at the geophysical department of the Kharkiv Astronomical Observatory, he improved on issues of terrestrial magnetism and atmospheric electricity at the Slutsk Magnetic Observatory, received an invitation to the Nikopol Magnetometric Party of Geolkom as a producer of works. In November 1929, on the recommendation of the Main Physical Observatory in Leningrad, he was appointed head of the Irkutsk Magnetometric Observatory, where he worked until May 1932.
In the next two years, Fomenko was the head of the expedition of the Main Physical Observatory, which carried out a magnetic survey of the territory of the USSR, and in 1934 moved to the system of the Main Investigation Department.
He has magnetic surveys on the Yakutsk-Tiksi airline, supervising the Yakutsk Magnetic Observatory, surveys on Amga, Aldan and Lena. In the navigation of 1937 in the expedition on the icebreaker
steamer "G. Sedov” Fomenko determined 29 magnetic points and made 11 definitions of the magnetic inclination; during wintering during the historical drift in the ice of the Laptev Sea, he determined 35 magnetic points in the magnetic laboratory created by him. The work took place in difficult conditions with the risk to life. Once in December in a blizzard Fomenko fell into a crack, miraculously got out, losing his boot. Frost instantly turned clothes into an ice shell, fortunately, his scream was heard by the watch of the watch.
Fomenko’s life was tragically interrupted. He died along with the entire crew and members of the expedition Ya.K. Smirnitsky on the icebreaker
steamer "Malygin" in the raging sea near the eastern shores of Kamchatka.
Cape southeast entrance to the Malygintsy Bay in the south of the Kotelniy island  of the Novosibirsk Islands archipelago. The name was given in 1942 with the office processing of materials from a topographical survey of 1940, carried out by an expedition on the "Malygin" icebreaker


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