Fox Luke
(20.10.1586 - 15.07.1635)

English explorer, one of the discoverers of the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.
Born in the family of sailor Richard Fox in Kingston-on-Halle.
Fox studied navigation in flights to the south to France, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, to the north to the Baltic, Denmark and Norway, as well as along the coast of England and in the North Sea. In 1606, he offered his services as an assistant to John Knight for a flight to Greenland, but was rejected as too young.
In 1631, he began his journey from the Hudson Bay, sailed past the western shores of Baffin Island and the islands of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. In his honor, 27 geographic features were named, 8 of which still bear his name. His team was attended by his friend and sponsor Sir Thomas Roh, after whom Fox named the Strait Ros-Welk.
According to the results of this flight, Fox published a book supplemented with brief theses on the travels of Cabot, Frobisher, Davis, Hudson, and others.
He died in Whitby.
The bay (basin) southwest of Baffin Land, the strait leading into this bay and peninsula in the southwest of Baffin Land.


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