Fraas Oscar

(17.01.1824 – 22.11.1897) 

German scientist, geologist.

Born in Württemberg, he was educated at the seminary in Blauberin and at the Institute in Tübingen, where he studied theology and at the same time intensively studied geology under the leadership of Quenstedt. He continued these studies further when he was vicar at Balingen. One year Fraas lived in Paris, where he went in 1847 and where he attended the Mining School for some time. This led him to become closely acquainted with D'Orbigny and Eli de Beaumont.

In 1850, Fraas was a priest in Laufen on Aiach, in 1854 a conservative in the Royal Natural History Office in Stuttgart, and from 1856 a professor.

In 1859, Fraas was a member of the commission for drawing up a geognostic atlas of Württemberg, and in 1872 a member of the board of the German Anthropological Society. Taken by him in 1864 - 1865 years. the journey to Egypt and Arabia gave rich scientific discoveries. With the permission of the Governor-General, Rustem Pasha, in 1875 he undertook geological research in Lebanon. The network of railway lines in Württemberg Fraas used to put it at the base of their geological studies of longitudinal profiles.

Author of a number of scientific writings.

Fraas was a critic of Darwinism and evolution. He believed in the biblical flood and held creationist views.

He died in Stuttgart.

Mountain in the north of the Barents Island, Svalbard. The coordinates are 78° 30'N    21° 00'E.


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