Newcomb  Harry 

American vet. 
He served in the veterinary units of the British Armed Forces in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War, where he gained extensive experience in servicing horses. 
After the end of the war in 1903, Newcomb was appointed a veterinarian to the polar expedition A. Fiala, organized with the help of W. Ziegler and aimed at reaching the North Pole from the Franz-Josef Land archipelago. The task of Newcomb was to care for the ponies, which the unlucky American polar explorers were going to use as a vehicle.The expedition, as you know, ended ingloriously. The ship of the expedition “America” was blown away by ice, the march to the pole did not take place, and most of the animals died. 
After the expedition  Newcomb spent some time searching for asbestos in Quebec. During the First World War, he was an officer in the veterinary unit. 
Strait between the islands of Pritchett and Bromwich of the archipelago Franz Josef Land. Opened in 1899 by the expedition of William Wellman. The name is given by A. Fiala.


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