Newcomb Raymond Lee 

American naturalist and astronomer.

Born in Salem, Massachusetts. Participated in the tragic expedition of J. De Long on the "Jeannette" in the years 1879-1881. After the death of the vessel, the sailors made a long, exhausting journey on the drifting ice, and going to the open water in the Laptev Sea, they moved into the three boats they had. A rising strongest storm scattered them. The boat under the command of Lieutenant Chipp went missing, the boat under the command of De Long himself reached the Lena Delta, but, with the exception of two people, her entire crew died from cold and hunger during the pedestrian crossing. Only the group of engineer J. Melville on the third boat was saved. R. Newcomb was among them. In the years 1882-1884. Newcomb was part of a search expedition that found the remains of members of the De-Long group and brought them home.

He died in Salem. Essex County, Massachusetts , United States . He was buried in the cemetery of Harmony Grove.


The main entrance to the cemetery Harmony Grove


An island in the eastern part of the Markem Strait in the archipelago of Franz-Josef Land. Opened in 1899 by U. Wellman, taking for a group of islands, which gave the name. A. Fiala in 1904 found that this is one island, calling it the "North Island". Subsequently, the name given by W. Wellman was confirmed on the maps.


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