Norman Johannes Useus

(26.10.1823 - 15.01.1903)


Johannes Useus Norman was born in Asker. He studied at the University of Christiania, in 1847 received the degree of candidate of medicine.

In 1849-1850 and 1855-1859 he taught in the rank of assistant professor at the University of Christiania. From 1860 to 1876 he headed the Department of Forestry of Troms and Finnmark.

He died on January 15, 1903 in Christiania.

Currently, Johannes Norman's herbarium is kept at the University of Tromsø (TROM).

The main work of Norman, a monograph of the Arctic flora of Norway (1894-1901), was published in two volumes in parts. The first part of the first volume was originally printed in 1887–1892, but all copies, with the exception of two that were kept by the author, were destroyed in a fire.

Glacier in the north of the island Northeastern Land. The coordinates are 80° 00'N   25° 30'E.



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