Northbrook Thomas-Georg 

English politician, earl, one of the members of the branched high-ranking family. 
He graduated from Oxford University. 
Northbrook held a number of senior government positions. He was the vice-king of India in 1872–1876, Lord of the Treasury, Minister of Finance, First Lord of the Admiralty in 1880–1885. In the years 1879-1880  Northbrook headed the Royal Geographical Society, becoming its 23rd president. 
According to the opinions of contemporaries, in all his guises, both as a landowner, and as a farmer, and as a public figure and nobleman, Count Northbrook was a "very commendable example". He was a worthy representative of the English nobility, which, according to the same contemporaries, "... the most enlightened, the most educated, the most wise and beautiful in Europe".

Died in Stratton Park, Hampshire. He was buried in Winchester in the churchyard of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 
An island in the southwest of the Franz-Josef Land archipelago. Opened and named in 1880 by the expedition of B. Lee-Smith.


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