Novosiltsov Alexey Nikolaevich 

Russian military sailor hydrograph, arctic explorer. 
He graduated from the Naval Cadet Corps with the award of Admiral Nakhimov. Having devoted himself to hydrography, Novosiltsev began his service as part of the Separate Shooting of the Baltic Sea, then took part in the Hydrographic Expedition of the Arctic Ocean commanded by A.I. Varnek. Despite his youth, he was entrusted with very important areas of work. At the end of the winter of 1900, he became an assistant to the head of a special party for the examination of the Pechora Bay, Captain I.S. Sergeev, and the following year headed this party and fully justified the hopes placed on him. The results of these works were reported by Novosiltsov in the Imperial Russian Geographical Society and published in the “News of the Society” and “Notes on Hydrography”. 
He himself wrote a talented written essay "Along the Coast of the Arctic Ocean", which tells about the geography and nature of the northern coast from Pechora to the Kara Sea. For participation in the expedition, he was awarded the Order of St. Stanislav 3 degrees. 
In 1902  Novosiltsov was transferred to the Mediterranean squadron, and in 1904 he returned to Libau. 
With the beginning of the war with Japan, Novosiltsov began to bother about transferring him to the active fleet. He was appointed flag officer under the commander of the 2nd Pacific Squadron and led the coal supply of the squadron. 
In the Tsushima battle  a heavily wounded Novosiltsov with a torn arm and a broken chest refused to leave the sinking battleship "Prince Suvorov".

June 25 (07/08), 1905  a memorial service was served at Novosiltsov in the church of the Main Admiralty. 
Islands (Novosiltsev) in the Strait of Kara Gate. Named in 1902 by the Hydrographic Expedition of the Arctic Ocean under the leadership of A.I. Varnek.


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