Ogloblin Vasily Alekseevich 

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer. 
He was born at the Tirlyan plant in Verkhneuralsky district of the Orenburg province in a working class family. In 1924 he graduated from the rural seven-year-old, then worked as an electrician at the plant, and in 1928 received a permit to study at the working school in Ufa. 
In 1931  after graduating from the workers' school, Ogloblin went to Leningrad, entered the school of industrial construction, studied there for two years, and then suddenly took a leave of absence and left the
All-Russian Arctic Institute meteorologist for the winter, to the post Ugra Shar This was the way he walked all his life. Returning a year later, Ogloblin continued to work at All-Russian Arctic Institute as a research assistant. Deciding to link his life with the Arctic, he entered the Hydrographic Institute, in 1937 he practiced on a icebreaker “G. Sedov" and got to the forced wintering. 
After graduating from the institute in 1939  engineer-hydrograph Ogloblin entered the 
Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, heading the manufacturing sector in the Chukotka hydrographic department. He spent the entire war in the Arctic, worked as a hydro-squad chief on  Small Taimyr Island, as a hydrograph on the Academician Shokalsky” hydrographic vessel, as a senior hydrograph on the New Siberian Islands. The merits of Ogloblin in the war years were marked with the medal "For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic". 
After the war  nothing changed for Ogloblin.
He served as chief of the surveyed party hydrographic expedition on  New Siberia Island, the survey party in the Baydaratskaya Bay, the hydrographic department of the Northern Port Survey Expedition of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. 
Died in Leningrad, buried in the Northern cemetery. 
Cape on the island Small Taymyr in the Laptev Sea. Named in 1967 at the suggestion of V.A. Troitsky by polar hydrographs. 
Spit (Ogloblinskaya) on Small Taimyr Island in the Laptev Sea. 
The name was suggested by the Commission on Geographical Names of the Hydrographic Enterprise of the Ministry of the Navy and approved by a decision of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Executive Committee of February 19, 1973.


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