Ogloblinsky Nikolay Nikolaevich 

Russian hydrograph surveyor, lieutenant general for admiralty. 
In 1888 he graduated from the hydrographic department of the Nikolaev Maritime Academy in St. Petersburg. He worked on the problem of deviation, together with F.F. Reediger compiled the “Compass Deviation Guide”. 
Since 1898  Ogloblinsky headed compass business at the GSU. Since 1904, he began his teaching activities, first at the Naval School of Long-Sea Navigation named after Peter I, and then during 1905–1914  at the hydrographic department of the Nikolaev Maritime Academy. Since 1910 he held the position of full professor of the Academy. 
In 1913 Ogloblinsky was enlisted in the hydrographic corps, became a major general, and later a lieutenant general. His merits were awarded orders of St. Anna, 2 degrees, St. Vladimir, 3 and 4 degrees, St. Stanislav, 1 degree.

This unique document - the autograph of Nikolai Nikolaevich Ogloblinsky was sent to me by Andrey Vladimirovich Khvalsky. He sought him out in the archive of his uncle, Mikhail Stepanovich Baadzhi, a naval sailor who served in the Pacific Fleet as navigator of a ship connection, a specialist in deviation, during the war. After the war, he graduated from the Academy of the General Staff. The last years of his life spent in Pushkin, worked in a military research institute.


Autograph N.N. Ogloblinsky

Ogloblinsky died in Paris. He was buried at the New Cemetery in Montmorency. 
Cape on the Peninsula De Kolong Laptev coast on Taimyr. Named in 1900 by N.N. Kolomeitsev.


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