Otkupchikov Pavel Alekseevich


Kormschik, originally from Mezen, son of Alexei Ivanovich Otkupchikov (Pyhi)

I went to hunt to the shores of Novaya Zemlya, visited the Gorbovye Islands. In 1821-1822 wintered in Kostin Shar. In 1823 he participated in the voyage of F. Litke to the Novaya Zemlya. Upon his return from this voyage, he was awarded a silver medal on the ribbon of the Order of St. Anna. Litke gives about P.A. Otkupchikov following review: "a man, although illiterate, but with common sense and experienced" (according to Vize, V.Yu., 1948).


Gorbovy islands

(photo by E.A. Korago)


Bay in the south of the bay Russian harbor. It was named by expedition on the "G. Sedov" icebreaking steamer in 1930.


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