Oyen Peter Annus

(16.08.1863  30.05.1932)

Norwegian geologist and glaciologist.

Born in Trondheim.

In 1887 he entered the University of Stockholm, became a candidate of philosophy in 1891. He studied glacial and quaternary geology at the University of Stockholm in 1897–1898 became a graduate specialist in the Mineralogical Society of the University of Oslo in 1898, and a conservator at the Osteo Paleontological Museum in 1919. He was also a lecturer in the field of terrestrial sciences.

Oyen traveled extensively to and from Norway to conduct quaternary geological studies.

In 1894 he participated in the expedition of U. Wellman to Svalbard.

He died in Oslo.

The glacier is 2.5 km long and 2 km wide and a rock in the extreme northeast of the Mitra Peninsula.The coordinates are 79° 18.2'N   11° 29.0'E.


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