Parenago Vasily Stepanovich 
(1712-after 1760)

Sailor, member of the Great Northern Expedition. 
Information about his life is scarce and contradictory. B. G. Maslennikov indicates the beginning of the service in 1736 in the detachment D.L. Ovtsyn, and in the Sea list, the beginning of service as a midshipman dates back to 1740. In 1746, Parenago was fired as a midshipman; in 1749  on the Caspian Sea he commanded a string of strut "St.Peter", which was wrecked near the Holy Island. 
In 1754  Parenago was given the rank of non-lieutenant, in 1756  he was promoted to ship secretary. 

Further, it is known that he was "presented to the Senate for drunkenness", and in 1760 he was dismissed "for noisy and incompetent"..
Cape on the island of Dlinniy in the skins of Minin in the Kara Sea.


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