Patsynko Vladimir Aleksandrovich


(1902– 14.07.1937) 

Polar pilot, major.

He served in the 51th detachment of the Airborne Forces of the Baltic Fleet (Oranienbaum). In 1932 he conducted a ski test on Heinkel HD.55 (KP-1).

February 9 - June 14, 1937 as a co-pilot participated in the trans-Arctic flight on the G-1 (ANT-4) N-120 on the route Moscow — Yakutsk - m ysSchmidt - on the island of Wrangel - mys Chelyuskin - Arkhangelsk - Moscow, length 24 thousand km for 145 flight hours with 47 landings. For the first time the plane flew along the Northern Sea Route in harsh winter conditions, during the polar night. Awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

Killed in flight on ARC-3-1. The tandem installation of two M-25 engines on a thin central rack above the boat and wing was quite rare in world practice. When a rough landing motoinavku stopped, fell forward and killed the pilot.

He was buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

Cape in the Bay of Voskresenskogo, Taimyr, Khariton Laptev shore. In 1933-1937 cape Landin was called.


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