Pechorin Nikolai Ivanovich 

Arctic topographer. 
Born in the village of B. Golovino, Kimrsky district, Tver province in a peasant family. Until 1922  Pechorin studied and worked in agriculture. From 1922 to 1925 he served as a land surveyor in the Kalinin Land Management Administration in the territory of the Kimry and Bezhetsk districts, in 1926–1928  - a land surveyor in the People's Commissariat of Land Planning of the Volga German Republic. After graduating from the geodetic technical school, Pechorin continued to work as a land surveyor in the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and other regions. 
Since 1940 work began Pechorin in  
the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. In the position of senior surveyor, he wintered as part of the hydroorder on Small Taimyr Island. In January 1942 Pechorin was drafted into the army. He fought near Belgorod, Stalingrad, on the Kursk Bulge, near Gomel, Warsaw, Poznan, completed his military march in Potsdam. His military achievements were awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2 degrees, the medals "For the Defense of Stalingrad" and "Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.". 
After the war, Pechorin returned to 
Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, worked in Providence Bay, Dmitry Laptev Strait, Ob Bay, on Dixon, Sergei Kirov Islands. War, hard work early undermined his health.


Dickson Island. 1950s

(from archive N.I. Pechorin)

Pechorin on vacation

(from archive N.I. Pechorin)

Pechorin for the office processing of materials

(from archive N.I. Pechorin)

He died in Leningrad. He was buried at the Theological Cemetery. 
Bay (Pecherin) on Small Taimyr Island in the Laptev Sea. The name on the proposal of the Hydrographic Enterprise Ministry of the Navy was given by the decision of the Krasnoyarsk regional executive committee of February 19, 1973.


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