Pelli John 

Head of the powerful Hudson's Bay Company (Hudson's company). 
Born in Essex in a family of hereditary sailors. From his father, who served as a captain in the East Indian Company, from childhood he gained the skills of a navigator. 
In 1806 Pelli became director of the Hudson’s company, and then successively as assistant manager and manager. 
In 1823 he was chosen as a senior partner in Trinity House - the Board of the Lighthouse and Pilot Corporation, from 1840 he headed the Bank of England, and in 1841 became the governor. 
In 1837 Pelley organized  T. Simpson and P. Dis expedition for the company's money to open the Northwest Passage and explore the northern coast of the Americas. In 1840 he received the title of baronet. 
Died at Upton House, Essex. He was buried in St. Mary's Churchyard Plaistow, Chichester District, West Sussex, England. 
Island off the coast of Northern Canada in Mackenzie Bay. 
Cape on the east coast of Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Named, apparently, by J. Rey in 1851. 
Cape on the east end of the Simpson Channel. Named by T. Simpson and P. Dease in 1839. 
Mountain on the island of Victoria. Named by R. Collinson in 1853. 
The bay in the north of the American continent east of the peninsula of Buthia.


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