Peters Karl Ferdinand

(13.08.1825 –  07.11.1881)


Austrian doctor, geologist, mineralogist and paleontologist.

Born in Graz, Bohemia

In 1849 he received his doctorate in Vienna, which in March 1850 was supplemented with a surgical doctoral degree. After graduating from medical training, he decided not to practice medicine, preferring the earth sciences.

Since 1850 Peters taught science and geography in Real Szul in Graz.

In 1852 he joined the Imperial-Royal Geological Institute, founded in 1849 by Emperor Franz Joseph I in Vienna (now the Geological Prospecting Institute), as an assistant geologist.

Peters finally received the title of professor in 1854 and was appointed professor of mineralogy at the University of Pest on November 15, 1855. On February 17, 1861 he was appointed Professor of Geognosy in Vienna. The appointment of a professor of mineralogy and geology at the University of Graz was followed on February 28, 1864. In the 1866/67 school year, Peters served as dean of the local department of philosophy.

Due to the increasingly deteriorating health in September 1881, he applied for permanent retirement from December 1, 1881, but died in Graz before reaching retirement.

Glacier 3 km long  in the northwest of Cirkapp. The coordinates are 76° 57.5'N   16° 09.5'E.

The bay formed by the retreating Peters Glacier, on the southern shore of the inner part of Hornsun Bay. The coordinates are 76° 58.2'N    16° 10'E.


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