Pontremoli Аldo

(19.01.1896 – 25.05.1928)


Italian physicist, participant of the tragic expedition of U. Nobile on the airship "Italia".

Born in Milan. After graduating from high school in Milan and a two-year preparatory period at the Polytechnic Institute, he moved to Rome and entered the physics department of the university. The study was interrupted with the beginning of the First World War? where he volunteered. His participation in hostilities was marked by a silver medal and the “Cross of War” for military valor.

After the war Pontremoli returned to Rome, resumed his studies and in 1920 received a higher physical education. Participants in the war were eligible for scholarships to study at Cambridge University. Pontremoli graduated from the Cavendish Laboratory under the supervision of Ernest Rutherford, one of the fathers of nuclear physics.

In 1924 Pontremoli founded the Institute of Physics at the University of Milan, which he headed until 1928. In 1926 he was appointed to the newly created Department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Milan. Pontremoli’s research focused primarily on theoretical physics, optics, nuclear physics, and hydrodynamics.

In 1928 Pontremoli died during the crash of the airship "Italy". He was part of a group of six people, the so-called “Alessandrini group”, carried off with the airship shell after hitting it on ice and tearing off the motor nacelle. They were never found.

Islands to the west of the island of Karl Alexander in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. One island was discovered by the expedition A. Phiala in 1904. In 1931 an expedition on the icebreaker vessel "Malygin" established that it was a group of three islands.


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