Popov Andrey Aleksandrovich

(22.09.1821 - 06(18).03.1898)


Russian naval commander, shipbuilder, full admiral.

Born in St. Petersburg in the family of a famous shipbuilder, manager Okhta shipyard Alexander Andreyevich Popov.

In 1830 he graduated from the Marine Branch of the Alexander Corps, in 1838 the Naval Cadet Corps with the assignment of the rank of midshipman and enrollment in the 32nd naval crew on the Black Sea Fleet.

In 1853 he was sent to Constantinople to gather information about the armament of the Bosporus and the nearby fortified places along the Black Sea and the Danube to Ruschuk. During the Crimean campaign, Popov commanded the Elborus, Andia, and Turok steamers, sank six Turkish transports, commanding the Taman steamer in the rank of lieutenant commander, broke from the blocked Sevastopol to Odessa, and returned back with cargo for the defenders, led installation of naval guns on the fortifications of Sevastopol and artillery supply, led the creation of a boom to block the Sevastopol raid. He was promoted to captain of the 1st rank.

In 1855  Popova was seconded from the theater of operations to Kronstadt, Vyborg, Sveaborg and other fortified ports on the Baltic Sea coast. In 1856 he headed the headquarters of the Kronstadt port.

The next stage of his life was associated with the Pacific Fleet. In 1858–1861 he led a detachment of two corvettes (“Rynda” and “Griden”) and "Oprichnik" clipper, leading him from Kronstadt to the Sea of Japan, then went off the coast of Japan, explored the coast of Russian Primorye.

In 1861  he was made to the rear admiral  and was elected a full member of the Shipbuilding and Marine Scientific Committees, which included the conversion of sailing ships into screw.

In 1862 - 1864 commanded a squadron of the Pacific, in 1863 led her to San Francisco during the American Civil War.

Since 1865  Popov was engaged in scientific work on the creation of the armored fleet of Russia. In 1867  he won the competition for the project of the best monitor arranged by the Marine Ministry, presenting the project of the paramilitary battleship "Cruiser" (later "Peter the Great").

Popov was a member of the Council of Commerce and Manufactures, the shipbuilding department of the Marine Technical Committee, the chairman of the shipbuilding department of the Marine Technical Committee, supervised the construction of the "General Admiral" and "Herzog Edinburgh" semi-armored frigates, led the design and supervision of the construction of the first Russian destroyers, supervised the re-equipment of commercial ships "Europe", "Asia" and "Africa" in cruisers.

Since 1876 he is a member of the Admiralty Council, in 1891 - a full admiral.

The merits of Popov were awarded the orders of St. Stanislav 1 degree, St. Anna 2 and 3 degrees, St. Vladimir 3 and 4 degrees, St. Alexander Nevsky.

He died in St. Petersburg, was buried in the Smolensk Orthodox cemetery.

Cape in the northeastern part of the Providence Bay. Named by the clipper team "Rider".


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