Pospelov Gregory * 

Russian sailor, Pomor, arctic explorer. 
Born in the village of Vorzogory. His whole life was connected with the Arctic. 
Pospelov's naval service began as early as eleven years in the Murmansk fields, where his father took him, and lasted 53 years. Then he became the cabin boy, the sailor on the coaster; I passed the exams at the Arkhangelsk Trade and Naval College. Having received the diploma of a skipper at the age of 21, Pospelov got a job in the Murmansk scientific and trade expedition to the Pomor tender. In 1902, he managed to arrange installments on the "Pomor", and from that time he became his master and captain. 
In 1906  while fishing on the sea animal in the Kara Sea, the vessel was wiped out with ice and wore for four days along the coast of Novaya Zemlya, after which it sank three kilometers from the coast. All the mining went to the bottom, and the team managed to dump the boat, on which it reached the island, where there was neither housing, nor a tree, just a wild stone. Ten days later, the brave industrialists, moving on a boat along the coast, were rescued by Norwegian industrialists. 
Then Pospelov was the captain of the "St. Foka" ferry boat, and later the captain of the schooner "Dmitry Solunsky", which its owner, the fish producer Maslennikov, donated to V.A. Rusanov for the second Novaya Zemlya expedition. In the contract on the entry of Pospelov in the position of captain there are words that perfectly describe him: “... I, Pospelov, proceeding from the duties associated with the position of captain of the vessel, accept responsibility for the accident of the vessel, due to my negligence or inexperience, that corresponds to all ship the property I accepted, which I must pass at the end of the expedition in the port of Vladimir. I, Pospelov, at the call of the sailor’s conscience and honor, intend not to leave either the members of the expedition or the crew in case of some kind of disaster. In case of my refusal, Pospelov, from the duties of the captain of the above mentioned vessel or non-fulfillment of the obligations assumed, I pay a penalty in the amount of 300 rubles in favor of the treasury”.  
Two months after the signing of the treaty, at the end of August 1910, the Rusanovites reached Cape Desire. The hike was very successful: for the first time, it was possible to circumvent the entire northern island of Novaya Zemlya in one navigation. Arkhangelsk Governor I.V. Sosnovsky reported on the expedition to Emperor Nicholas II, who granted swimming participants high awards. Captain Pospelov was awarded the silver neck medal "For Diligence" on the Vladimir ribbon. 
In that expedition, Pospelov met G.Ya. Sedov, who worked at Krestovaya Guba on the instructions of the Marine Ministry. He made friends with the conductor T. Vylka, whom he later met more than once in the Arctic. 
In August 1914  on the sailing-steam schooner "Andromeda", Pospelov took part in the search for the expeditions of Rusanov and Brusilov in the Kara Sea. For the first time in the world, Pospelov made an ice reconnaissance mission on that flight. He took to the sky by a seaplane pilot Ya. Nagursky. In 1915, Pospelov continued his search in the Franz Josef Land area, but the fate of the polar explorers remained unknown. 
After the civil war and intervention Pospelov moved to Murmansk, where he engaged in hunting. 
At the beginning of 1933  Pospelov, on the animal-driving schooner Smolny, took winterers out of Silent Bay. There he met with I.D. Papanin. Three years later, two similar-type hunting schooners were built at the Murmansk shipyard - the "Papanin" and the "Captain Pospelov". 
During the campaign of the same year, Pospelov fell seriously ill. He refused to return to the port and brought the ship to Murmansk only at the end of the fishery. But, apparently, late: he died after an operation in Leningrad, where he was buried (?). His grave is lost. 
Cape in the southeast of the Heiss Island archipelago Franz Josef Land. The name was approved in 1963 by the decision of the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee (Decision No. 651). 
Cape on the west coast of Novaya Zemlya northeast of the Gulf of Nordenskiöld. Described and named in 1910 by V.A. Rusanov. 
Bay on the west coast of Novaya Zemlya south of Cape Zhelaniya. Described and named in 1910 by V.A. 


* Used publication of Tatiana Melnik


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