Pronchishcheva Tatyana Fedorovna 

Wife V.V. Prishchishchev. She was a member of his squad on the Yakutsk dubbing boat, along with all she endured the burden and hardships of the polar expedition. She died 13 days after the death of her husband. “The unfortunate spouse of Lieutenant Pronchishchev, who was with him on this journey, lost her very beloved husband, did not suffer this loss; devoured with sorrow, soon followed her husband to the grave and was buried with him”.  
For a long time, she was incorrectly called Mary. The error arose, apparently, because of the incorrect interpretation of the inscription on one of the old maps, on which stood the name: M. Pronchishcheva (probably the abbreviation for “Cape Pronechisheva”). Wrong name passed to modern maps: Maria Pronchishcheva Bay. Truth was established thanks to the historian-local historian D.M. Romanov and journalist Valery Bogdanov. The last in 1983 in the Central State Archive of Ancient Acts discovered the record: “the spouse of Mr. Lieutenant” was called Tatyana Fedorovna Kondyreva. 
For a long time Kondyrevs lived near Alexin. In the stormy era of Peter the Great, during the Northern War years, the steward, Fedor Stepanovich Kondyrev, was in no way engaged in protecting St. Petersburg under construction from attacks by the Swedish fleet. "Behind the wounds" they let him go "to his house", that in Berezovo. It was here that the daughter Tatyana was born in 1710. Documents about Tatiana's life before marriage were not found, but, as V. Bogdanov writes, judging by some sources, she experienced a difficult childhood and restless youth. She did not remember her father, since it is known that he died in 1713. In all likelihood, Tatiana received her home education. The family estates of the Kondyrevs and Pronchishykhs were nearby, it is possible that Tatiana and Vasily knew each other since childhood. The archives found Tatyana's petition of June 28, 1733, which she brought to the Moscow office of the National Order. She wrote: “In the current, 1733 May 20, her mother’s widow Vasilisa Petrovna and her brother Fyodor Fedorov’s son Kondyrev, according to her will, married her to the navy’s lieutenant for Vasily Vasilyev’s son Pronchishchev ...”. 
A few days later, having bought everything necessary, Pronchishchev "had a quick departure from Moscow to distant cities, namely to the Siberian province". 
We traveled to Yakutsk for a year and a half. Tatyana could have stayed in Yakutsk, as wives of other members of the expedition. But she, in defiance of all prohibitions, went with her husband to the Arctic Ocean. Her memory is dedicated to the beautiful poem Ign. 

At the seaside a lonely grave 
Cast iron cross and overcast granite. 
Their life and death forever united, 
Here Pronchishchev with his friend buried ... 
... Bride of the storms, captain's girlfriend! 
Motherland remembers glorious deeds, 
As you through the ice and storms of the ocean 
Of the first Russian women passed ...

Bay (Maria Pronchishcheva) on the bank of Pronchishchev. Opened, but not named in 1736 by  party V.V. Pronchishcheva. Named in 1913 by the expedition B.A. Vilkitsky. 
The Peninsula (Maria Pronchishcheva) in the Maria Pronchishcheva Bay.

Mountain on the shore of the bay Maria Pronchishcheva.


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