Ragozin Nikolay Markovich 

Russian hydrograph, Arctic explorer. 
Born in Arkhangelsk, graduated from navigational school. In 1824, with the rank of conductor, he participated in the Pechora expedition under the direction of F.P. Litke. He was part of the squad I.N. Ivanov. Co-worker was his later became famous P.K. Pakhtusov. 
Having done part of the journey on the karabas, part on foot, Ragozin described the southeastern coast of the Pechora Sea from the mouth of the Black River to the Yugorsky Shar and the entire eastern shore of  Vaygach Island to the Kara Gate. 
In the years 1826-1829 also in the squad Ivanova described the shores of the southern part of the Kara Sea. 
In 1829–1830 Ragozin worked in the Baltic, described Swinemunde and Kronstadt raids. The king of Prussia awarded him a golden snuffbox. Since 1849  Ragozin served in the drawing department of the Hydrographic Department. In 1865 he was promoted to colonel of the
Naval navigator corps and entrusted with the management of the hydrographic part of Kronstadt. 
He died in St. Petersburg and was buried in the Smolensk Orthodox cemetery. The grave could not be found, although there is evidence of its existence, at least in the 1980-1990s. 
Islands in the Kara Gates to the west of Vaigach Island at the entrance to Dolgaya Bay. Described in 1902 by an expedition under the command of A.I. Varnek. The name was approved by the Academic Council of the  Imperial Russian Geographical Society in December 1902. 
An island in the southeast of Novaya Zemlya in Loginova Bay.  Named in 1833 by P.K. Pahtusov
Cape in the north-west of the White Island in the Kara Sea. Named in 1826 by I.N. Ivanov.


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