Топ-100 Раш
Rambler's Top100

Rasch Halvor Heyerdahl

(08.01.1805 - 08.26.1883)

Norwegian zoologist and teacher.

Born in Eidsberg, Ostfold, Norway, he studied botany and zoology at the University of Christiania (now the University of Oslo). He was a professor of zoology and natural sciences at the University of Oslo from 1852 to 1874, previously he was a lecturer since 1847.

An avid hunter and sportsman, he published the book Hunting in Norway (1845), as well as works on animal husbandry, breeding oysters and beekeeping. He was one of the founders of the Central Association for the Distribution of Exercises for the Body and the Use of Weapons, the predecessor of the Norwegian Confederation of Sport, in 1861.

Rush was elevated to the Knights of the Royal Norwegian Order of Saint Olaf in 1863 and received the Silver Medal of the French Zoological Society in Paris in 1866.

He was died in Oslo.

Island near the northern coast of Northeastern Land, Svalbard. The coordinates are 80° 10'N    26° 00'E.


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