Rastorguev Stepan Innokentievich 
(1864 – after 1904)

Non-commissioned officer of the Yakut Cossack regiment, a member of the the Russian Polar Expedition of E. V. Toll in 1899–1903. 
Born and raised in Yakutia in the family of the former Kamchatka Cossack. Having been orphaned early, Rastorguev spent his childhood and youth with relatives in the village of Markha, near Yakutsk, and was forced to earn money for himself while working for hire. He remained illiterate, but living among the Yakuts, perfectly mastered the Yakut language. In twenty years, Rastorguev entered the service in the Yakut Cossack regiment.His service was associated with numerous trips, as a result of which he traveled all over Yakutia and the surrounding regions. The purpose of travel was the most diverse.
He delivered mail to the most remote corners of the region, in 1887 he participated in the search for the Aleut mine-laying minera who did not return to the base in Vladivostok, for which he was promoted to non-commissioned officer, was a member of various research expeditions. So, in 1890 he accompanied the entomologist Hertz on Kamchatka, in 1892 - I.D. Chersky in his last expedition around Kolyma, in 1893 - together with E.V.Toll arranged a food warehouse for the expedition of F. Nansen, in 1895 - accompanied engineer P. Sikorsky from Yakutsk to Ayan and further to the Okhotsk coast. In 1896, Rastorguev brought a mentally ill exile to Kiev. On the way back he managed to visit Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. 
Rastorguev's trips, in which he proved himself to be a magnificent horseman, a reliable person, adapted to the harsh, dangerous life in the taiga and tundra, earned him wide popularity among geographers and travelers. In 1900, Toll through the Yakut governor proposed Rastorguev to buy sled dogs for the expedition. P. Strizhev
*, a native and native inhabitant of the Kazachie village in the lower reaches of the Yana, volunteered to assist Rastorguev as a second musher and translator. 
Rastorguyev and Strizhev bought 20 best sled dogs on Yana, brought them to Irkutsk on deer and horses, and from there, by train to Aleksandrovsk-on-Murman, where the expedition ship "Zarya" came from St. Petersburg. Both kayura were enrolled in the staff of the expedition. They quickly got accustomed to the ship, learned to stand sailor watch, perform the necessary daily ship work. 
But their main business was the maintenance and training of several dozen dogs and, of course, participation in numerous sledge hikes during the wintering off the coast of Taimyr.


Rastorguev, Zheleznikov and Byalynitsky-Birulya

(from left to right) lower batometer

(photo from PFA RAS f.14 op.2 case 529)

At the beginning of 1901 Rastorguev together with lieutenant N.N.Kolomeitsev left the expedition. After two unsuccessful attempts to get to Khatanga, they went west along the coast to the mouth of the Yenisei and further to Golchikha and Dudinka. 
In 1902  at the direction of the authorities, Rastorguev accompanied another research expedition, this time a French one, to Chukotka. 
In 1903  he returned to the the Russian Polar Expedition cases, taking an active part in the search expedition, then disarming "Zaria". For participation in the Russian Polar Expedition Rastorguev was awarded a commemorative Gold Medal. 
The further fate of Rastorguev is not known. It can only be noted that the crew of the Ajax ship of the Siberian Flotilla, who died in 1923 at the Shanghai-Manila crossing, was a mechanic Stepan Rastorguev. 
An island in the group of the Stone Islands in the Minin skerries. Described and named in 1901 by the Russian Polar Expedition participants under the direction of E.V. Toll.


Rastorguev Island in the Taimyr Gulf

(photo by EA Gusev)

An island in the Taimyr Gulf of the Kara Sea. Named by N.N. Kolomeytsev in 1901 in honor A.V. Kolchak and was listed under this name until 1937. Renamed to Rastorguev Island. In 2005, the original name was returned.

Mountain on the island of  Rastorguev (now Kolchak Island) 
Strait in the Taimyr Gulf. Named by E.V. Toll in 1901.


* Named Strizhev was named:

- an island in the Kara Sea in the Nordensheld archipelago in the Vilkitsky group of islands. It was opened and mapped in 1901 by the RPE of the Academy of Sciences under the guidance of E.V. Toll;

- an island in the Laptev Sea.


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