Ravich Mikhail Girshevich 
(21.10.1912 02.04.1978)

Major Arctic and Antarctic geologist, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences (1954), Professor, State Prize Winner of the USSR (1971), holder of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, medal "For Labor Valor", "For Valiant Labor". 
Born in Gomel, graduated from the Geological Survey Faculty of the Leningrad Mining Institute (1936). 
He began work in Dalstroi, Yakutgealtrest, in the industrial department of the Yakutsk regional committee, the Arctic Institute, from 1948 in NIIGA, where he went from laboratory to deputy director of the institute for scientific work. 
The main areas of Ravich's own scientific activities were the geology of the polar regions (Kola Peninsula, Taimyr, Yakutia, Antarctica), magmatism and metamorphism, and Precambrian geology. 
He successfully combined research and organizational activities, for 25 years he defined the scientific areas of work of the institute. When it is widely developed geological mapping, multifaceted geological studies of the polar regions, geophysical studies. 

Ravych was a member of five Soviet Antarctic expeditions, was the vice-president of the international commission on the geological map of the world, an honorary member of the international community of researchers in the geology of the polar regions.  is terrible, it was hardly found. 
Peninsula in the Taimyr Bay. 
Named by geologists from the Arctic Research Institute of Geology.


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