Richter Edward

(03.10.1847 06.02.1905)


Austrian geographer, historian, glaciologist and mountaineer, teacher, professor, rector of the University of Graz. Full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Born in Mannersdorf am Laytegebirge, Lower Austria. In 1866 he entered the Faculty of German Philology of the University of Vienna. From 1867 he began to study history and geology.

From 1883 to 1885 he was chairman of the Alpine Club of Salzburg and President of the Central Committee of the Austrian-German Alpinist Club. Since 1886 he was Associate Professor, then Professor of Geography, University of Graz.

In the 1898/99 academic year, E. Richter was elected rector of the University of Graz, in 1898 - 1900 - President of the International Glaciological (Glacial) Commission, since 1902 - full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

From 1904 he was appointed adviser to the imperial court (hofrat).

He was mainly engaged in research in the history of the Middle Ages, later - mainly in glaciology, research in the field of mountain geomorphology and limnology. He explored in detail many lakes in the Austrian Alps, incl. northern part of Gard lake. The main results of these studies are presented in his work “Seenkunde”.

In addition, Edward Richter determined the size of 1012 glaciers in the eastern Alps, created a kind of glacial lexicon. On instructions from the Academy of Sciences, together with Penk, he prepared for publication the Historical Atlas of the Countries of the Austrian Alps.

Awarded the Order of the Tsering Lion.

He died in Graz, Austria-Hungary.

6 km long glacier, valley and river in the southern part of Nathorst Land, East Greenland. The coordinates are 77° 38.7'N   15° 30.0'E.


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