Ringnes Amund

(07.10.1840 13.01.1907)

Norwegian brewer, philanthropist.

Born on the Ringnes farm in Krudscherade, Buskerud.

He grew up on the Ringnes farm, and in 1860 began working for Akers Mekaniske Verksted. In 1865, Amund left the Akers Mek. Verksted, and was hired by Bryggeri brewery Christiania.

In 1876  he founded the Ringnes & Compani brewery with his brother Ellef Ringns and businessman Axel Heiberg. It was the eighth brewery in Christiania (now Oslo), and later its name changed to Ringnes Bryggeri.

Ringnes Brewery became successful, and Amund Ringnes and his brother became patrons of the arts in Christiania. They invested in the construction of the Holmenkollen line and sanatoriums in the Holmenkollen area. They also sponsored Frithof Nansen's expedition on the Fram, which at some point they led together with businessman Axel Heiberg and shipowner Thomas Fearnley. Expedition of the researcher Otto Sverdrup 1898-1902 on the Frame in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago also received financial support from the brothers.

He died in his estate, buried in the cemetery of Our Saviour.

The island (Amund-Ringnes) in the Sverdrup island group in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Mountain (Ringnestinden) 1281 m, in the north-east of the Kongs Fjord in the south-east of the Land of Haakon VII. Coordinates 79° 00'N   12° 30'E .


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