Ringnes  Ellef

(25.10.1842 – 15.03.1929)

Norwegian brewer, philanthropist.

Born on the Ringnes farm in Krudscherade, Buskerud.

His father left the farm in 1855, and Ellef worked as a traveling salesman under the age of 18.

In 1876  together with his brother Amund Ringnes and a businessman Axel Heiberg, he founded the Ringnes & Compani brewery. It was the eighth brewery in Christiania (now Oslo). They later changed the name to Ringnes Bryggeri.

He was a member of the committee and patron of the expedition of F. Nansen on the "Fram" of 1893-1896, sponsored the expedition of O. Sverdrup on the "Fram" in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in 1898-1902.

He died in Oslo, buried in Our Savior Cemetery.

An island in the Mohn group of islands in the Kara Sea.

The island (Ellef-Ringnes) in the Sverdrup island group in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.


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