Roze Nikolay Vladimirovich

An outstanding Soviet hydrologist, geomagnetologist, mechanic, arctic explorer.
Born in Petersburg. At the end of St. Petersburg University during 1912–1917 worked at the Main Physical Observatory. Over the years, Roza taught at the Leningrad State University, the Naval Academy, the Naval Hydrographic School, in 1932 he was appointed the first director of the Central Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity of the USSR Academy of Sciences. He left an outstanding mark in various fields of science: geomagnetism, mechanics, hydrology, hydrography. Since 1930, he has headed the department of terrestrial magnetism at the University of Roze; since 1934, he headed the department of analytical mechanics. Of great importance was his scientific work in the Arctic in 1917–1923. He led the first Soviet hydrographic expedition of the Arctic Ocean, as a result of which it was possible to clarify the outlines of the Novaya Zemlya coast, to study the navigation conditions in the Barents and Kara seas. On the initiative and under the leadership of Roze, a general geomagnetic survey of our country was carried out in a relatively short time. The results of this survey were compiled into a magnetic catalog of more than 26 thousand observations. The catalog served as the basis for the construction of the magnetic maps of the country of the 1940 epoch and the maps of the secular course, which differed significantly from the previous, largely schematic, maps. For this work, Roze was awarded a car - a reward before the war that was more rare than in the post-war years, the Lenin Prize.


VO 8 line house 5. Here in apartment 3 N.V. Roze lived  at the time of 1934

In a very short time he published several excellent textbooks on mechanics. In 1932, saw the light of his "Dynamics of a Solid Body" - the first book of the domestic author on this issue. In the same year  in collaboration with N.E. Kochin Roze published the textbook “Introduction to Theoretical Hydromechanics”, which later became the first volume of the world famous two-volume book N.Е. Cochina, I.A. Kibel and N.V. Roze "Theoretical Fluid Mechanics". Finally, in 1938, his Lectures on Analytical Mechanics were published.
Roze maintained friendly relations with F. Nansen, U. Nobile, R.L. Samoilovich, V.Yu. Vize, E.K. Fedorov. He was awarded a small gold medal of the All-Union Geographical Society.
Unfortunately, his bright, creative life, entirely devoted to the service of national and world science, was cut short by unjustified arrest and conviction in January 1942. In the same year he died in prison.
The island at the entrance to Chernaya Bay in the south of the southern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1921 by the topographer of the hidrographic expedition Arctic ocean A.A. Fock.
Cape to the northeastern end of the island of Lee-Smith in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Named in the 1930s by Soviet cartographers.
Glacier in the composition of the glacier Nordenskiöld on the northern island of Novaya Zemlya. Named in 1921 by hidrographic expedition Arctic ocean.


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