Rukhin Lev Borisovich

Soviet geologist.
Born in Moscow. From the age of 13 he began an independent working life, combining work with studies at a secondary school, then a topographical technical school in Leningrad. Rukhin’s great abilities, his sense of purpose, diligence and thirst for knowledge enabled him to successfully complete the geographical and geological faculties of Leningrad University in two years. He was immediately enrolled as a graduate student in the department of paleontology and already in 1935 he defended his thesis, which then came out in the form of a monograph. At Leningrad University, to which Rukhin gave more than half of his life, he went from an assistant to a professor. In the military in 1943, at the age of 31, he defended his doctoral thesis.
The main works of Rukhin are devoted to lithology and paleogeography. In the study of sedimentary rocks, he was one of the first to use statistical methods, laid the foundation for the study of particle size distribution to establish the genesis of the ancient sands. In his work Fundamentals of Lithology, Rukhin examined the stages and conditions of formation of sedimentary rocks, described the methods of facies analysis, identified the main types of sedimentary formations, established the patterns of their formation and distribution. In addition to his active scientific activities, Professor Rukhin devoted much of his strength and attention to pedagogical work, passing on his knowledge and experience to the younger generation through lectures, textbooks, reference books and methodological publications. During his short life, Rukhin published about 150 articles, guidelines, reference books, monographs, among which are the fundamental works “Fundamentals of Lithology” and “Fundamentals of General Paleogeography”. His scientific and pedagogical activity was awarded the Order "Badge of Honor" and medals.
He died in a car accident in Leningrad at the intersection of Bolshoi Prospekt and the 16th line of Vasilyevsky Island. He was buried at the Serafimov cemetery.
Cape in the northwest of Jackson Island archipelago Franz Josef Land. The name was given in 1960 by the participants of the glaciological expedition of the AANII S.A. Govorukha and I.M. Simonov. Approved by the decision of the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee of August 26, 1963.


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