Sars Michael 

The famous Norwegian zoologist, hydrobiologist. 
Born in Bergen. 
Sars studied natural science and theology at King Frederick University and, having finished it in 1828, he taught at various schools in Christiania and in Bergen. In 1831, he was ordained priest at Kinne on the northwest coast of Norway. In 1854, the Norwegian Storting appointed him Professor of Zoology at the University of Christiania (now Oslo), after which Sars devoted himself entirely to the natural sciences. He was a pioneer in studying the variations of marine mollusks. Described the alternation of their generations and demonstrated the relationship between fossils and living representatives of this species of fauna. 
Sars was one of the founders of the magazine "Fauna litoralis Norvegiae" in 1846, which also came out after his death. 
The father of Eva Sars is the wife of F. Nansen.

He died in Christiania (Oslo), buried in the Savior's Cemetery. 
The sandy cape, coastal plain and bay in the west of the island of West Spitsbergen on the coast of the Forland Strait. The coordinates are 78° 40'N   11° 30'E.

A small island east of Cape Bruyun on Orvin Island north of the island of Northeastern Territory, Svalbard. Coordinates 80° 10'N    25° 30'E.

Strait in the islands of White Land north of the archipelago Franz Josef Land. Opened and named  by F. Nansen in 1896.


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