Sergeev Boris Vasilyevich 

Arctic captain, hydrograph. 
Born in Leningrad in the family of a teacher. During the war the family was evacuated to the Novgorod region, returned to Leningrad in 1945. In 1950 Sergeev entered the Kirov Plant as an electrician apprentice, continuing his studies at the school for working youth. Then work at a telephone hub, and after finishing a ten-year study at the Leningrad Naval School at the Navigation Department. Production activities of Sergeyev-Sailor began in the Leningrad commercial port in the position of the third navigator of the icebreaking tug "Typhoon". 
In February 1959 Sergeev, at his own request, transferred to the
Hydrographic Enterprise of the Ministry of the Navy and was seconded to the Pevek pilgrim expedition as the second navigator. Then there was the Tiksi hydrobase, where he worked as the third assistant captain on the hydrographic vessel "Lag", and then on the same "Lag" in the Nordvik pilot-hydrographic expedition. Sergeyev perfectly studied the conditions of navigation both in the open sea and in a peculiar river-sea zone. He gradually passed the positions of the third and second navigator, and in 1966, going to the Providench hydro base, headed the hydrographic ship "Horizon", becoming the youngest captain in Polar Hydrography. Sergeyev had the natural talent of a sailor, before him opened wide professional horizons. The experience he gained in the process of practical navigational work, the young captain supported with theoretical knowledge in the correspondence department of the Vladivostok Higher Naval School. It is no coincidence that soon he was entrusted with the leadership of the newest hydrographic vessel "Stepan Malygin", built in Finland. 
Sergeyev’s talent as a sailor was combined with excellent knowledge of the specifics of hydrographic work, the implementation of which often required taking risks, but the risk was justified and supported by high navigational skills.
Not once did he come out of his most difficult situations with honor, but, as often happens, he absurdly died in the seemingly simplest safest situation. While on vacation, Sergeev drowned in Lake Seliger. Here is how it was. Together with their father, they were transporting something on the lake in a motorboat. The son drove the engine, and the father sat on the nose. Appointment distance from the shore motor stalled. Boris Vasilievich began to find out what the matter was, and suddenly the motor suddenly started. The boat abruptly rushed from the place, and Boris Vasilyevich flew overboard. My father either lost his life, or felt sick, could not go to the stern and stop the movement. The boat at high speed carried away from the scene of the accident. Boris Vasilyevich in the icy water floated to the shore and did not reach him a few meters - the heart broke.
He was buried at the Theological Cemetery in Leningrad. 
River flowing into the Khatanga Bay. 
The name was assigned by the Commission on Geographical Names of the State Enterprise of the Ministry of the Navy and approved by the decision of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Executive Committee of April 28, 1976.


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