Sims  William

American admiral.
Born in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. In 1876, he was sent from Pennsylvania to study at the Naval Academy, from which he graduated in 1882 as a midshipman.
In subsequent years, he served in naval service in various parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, was a member of the US diplomatic missions in Paris and St. Petersburg. In 1907, Captain 3rd Rank Sims was recognized as the best artillery naval officer in the world. The appreciation of his remarkable activity was the recognition that in seven years he had managed to organize an artillery system that significantly increased the firing efficiency of the North American navy.
After a long service in various positions Sims during the First World War, he was appointed commander of US naval operations in Europe, in 1919 he became president of the naval college.

On June 2, 1920, Columbia University awarded him the title of Honorary Doctor of Law. June 21 of the same year, he received a similar title in Williams College. In 1921 he received the Pulitzer Prize in history.


He retired in 1922. Awarded orders of various states. In 1920, in collaboration with B. Hendrik, he published the book "Victory at Sea".

For participation in the First World War, he was awarded the Order of The Victory at Sea.

He died in Boston, Massachusetts, USA with the rank of full admiral. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Bay on the northern coast of Taimyr. First identified by S.I. Chelyuskin in 1742. Named in 1919 by R. Amundsen.


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