Skvortsov Sergey Ivanovich

Arctic hydrograph, honorary polar explorer.
Born in the village of Vashaki of the Tula district of the Tula province in a peasant family. Until 1925, Skvortsov lived in the village, then two years in Kiev, two years in Moscow, a year in Ulan-Ude. He worked as a bookbinder, bakery worker, builder. In 1930 he moved to Leningrad, settled in the printing house "Printing House", then graduated from the Rabfak at the Leningrad Institute of Spinning Crops and courses of hydrographs, after which he was sent to the West Siberian Hydrographic Office in Omsk, where he headed the boat survey.
In 1936, Skvortsov was sent to study at Leningrad in the Hydrographic Institute, from which, after two years of study, he was dismissed for illness. He worked at the Russian Diesel plant, but in 1941, as soon as his health allowed, he returned to hydrography, becoming an employee of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route.
Before the start of the war, Skvortsov managed to work on the hidrographic steamer “Professor Vize”, and in the war and postwar years he worked as a hydrograph, senior hydrograph, and head of the survey party in the Olenek and Nordvik expeditions. His qualifications were so high that no one guessed about his lack of higher education.
In 1948, at the conclusion of the medical commission, Skvortsov was forced to stop working in the Arctic and transferred to the Giproarctic project, but a year later, at the first opportunity he returned to the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route, underwent a medical commission and worked as a senior hydrograph on the hydrographic vessel "Vest" and head of the survey party on the hydrographic ship "Yana". But it was his, as they say, “swan song”. In 1950, Skvortsov finally retired and soon died in Leningrad.
Skvortsov's activity was awarded the medal "For Labor Valor".
Bay on the southern coast of the island of Alexandra Land in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. The name was given by polar hydrographs and approved by the Arkhangelsk Regional Executive Committee (Decision No. 651).


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